Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cleaning up a leather jacket

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My Rapidly growing grandson wanted a leather jacket, so I keep watch all summer in garage sales and resale shops. I found this one at a garage sale for $20.00.
But I think they had it stored in a damp basement or something. It looked really dry and had some white spots.
I used black shoe polish to cover the scratches and white spots.
The zipper was also tarnished white. I cleaned it up with a toothbrush and CLR.
Mink Oil is amazing!!! In this picture you can see the difference in the shine, I only have the oil on the waist band,
The Mink Oil made this dull, dry leather jacket come to life. With a beautiful rich, shinny finish.
Now I just got to get it over to my grandson, he is ready to start wearing it.

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  1. Jeanne, thanks a lot for sharing this tip! Now I know how to make my leather jackets look nice! IT sounds like they would be great for leather sofas too!

  2. Your welcome Rylan, I'm glad I could help you out with this tip. If you are going to use Mink Oil on your sofa, besure you do it on a day you can open your windows, mink oil can sometimes smell a little funky for a short while after apply it. Rosemary

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