Friday, September 16, 2011

Deal Shopping day

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Today yesterday (lol I am a day behind posting this) was a great shopping day. I went to
a local Church's Huge annual garage sale. I got all this for only $45.00

$25.50 of that was just for this nativity scene.
They wanted $50.00 for it but I walked away saying no way. This set is large but old and in need of rewiring and painting. It is also missing it's donkey and camel. I offered $15.00 and the man managing this area said no way they wanted $100.00 in the beginning and he walked away.

Later on in the shopping trip I went back to look at it again. The man said he could sell it for $35.00. I said I could not pay that either because the plastic was old and brittle. I walked away again. Then a few minutes later I went back offered him $25.00 and he said I'll take $25.50.  LOL He was just having fun bargaining with me. Because then he offered to drive it to my home 5 Miles away for free. (lol old men these days)  But anyway I have wanted one of these sets for awhile now so I'm glad I got it. 
The same funny man sold me this solid brass chandelier that is in perfect shape with good wiring for only .50 cents. He called it an old tarnished piece of junk. I didn't argue with him but didn't think it was junk it at all. (one man's junk is definitely another women's treasure) LOL
He also sold me this plaque for .50 cents he just thought it had no value. But I could see it was brand new and that I could create something cool with it.
I got lots of puzzles, games, books, DVDs and
all this great fabric and much more.
5 of these great little trees and a string of lites all for $4.00.
Truly just a great shopping day. I got a lot projects ahead of me now.
Keep checking back to see what I do with it all.

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  1. What a lovely shopping :) I also pick up old things, fabric, boxes..... my hobby room and basement like a dump :))