Thursday, September 8, 2011

Framing the "Fam"

Pin It At my cousin's wedding last month we got a couple really really good pictures of my family.
I totally fell in love with them and ordered them in 5x7's with no clue on what to do with them but I knew I would think of something.

Photo of Zechariah and I

My Mom & Step Dad

And a Family Photo

Great Photos... Right! :)

I knew I wanted to decoupage them somehow and LOVE what everyone is doing with scrabble letters. Then this morning I woke up and knew exactly what I was going to do. :)

A while back I bought a box full of frames off craigslist, it was like 23 frames (used) for $6.00. I snatched them up!

I picked my frame for today from that pile, it is the same color as the scrabble pieces, needed no work, but had no back.

The frame is perfect so I laid out my photos to make sure I still liked the look.

Yeap, still love it.
Now the letters, I did steal these from our personal Scrabble game.  :) We actually purchased the scrabble game from a garage sale for $.10 and never used it. So, now I found a use for it! :) lol

Since Zechariah & Jeanne connect with an E I wanted to use that, then Family for the family one, and Love for my parents.

Now onto the background. Since there is no back to this frame I decided to use the glass as my backing. I knew I wasn't going to put glass on this since the scrabble pieces will be lifted.

I started by picking colors of scrapbook paper.

Then I did a few ripping of pieces and layed it out.

Then with a little Mod Podge I glued it all down.

I covered the whole thing again with Mod Podge to seal it down and give it some glue for the photos.

Then covered the photos with some more Mod Podge to seal them down.

A note about Mod Podge, it goes on cloudy but will dry clear so the look you are seeing in the photo is still wet.

Now to add the scrabble pieces

After I glued them down I realized I messed up :( Yeap I did a boo boo. But, hey I am not that OCD so I went with it.

Do you see the boo boo?!?! The spacing is different on Jeanne & Zechariah then Family & Love.
 :( oopse....

So after it is dry you can see it is clear and beautiful, but since I am hanging this photo up with no glass I wanted to give it a coat of clear gloss (keep the dust off it and to make it easier to clean).

Now all that is left is to frame it and hang it! And I did just that.

I think it is perfect and a great start to photos up the stair case! :)

Have a great night blogger friends!

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  1. So cool !!!! Thanks for posting Jeanne !!!! Looks like the Mod Podge worked great on the photos ! Can't wait to try it on some of mine ! These family photos you used are beautiful ! You all look so nice !!!! Thanks again, Terrie