Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Pin It Hello Everyone!
   Hope all of our United States readers are enjoying their long weekend and have a great Labor Day. I know we enjoyed our weekend.

We have had a Zoo trip planned for this weekend for a while now. We had to get there before the 6th because the dinosaur exhibit was leaving on the 6th. (yes we went on the 4th! lol I know nothing like waiting til the last minute lol!)

In spirit of going to see the dinosaurs we sat down as a family and watched Jurassic Park the movie. None of us have seen the whole thing and Zechariah was itching to watch it, good thing no one had nightmares from it or my Mom would have been paying for her great idea! lol

Well, we had an amazing day at the Zoo, weather was perfect, dinosaurs were NOT a let down, and most importantly we all got along! :)

Now on to a very important question....

What to do with these great dinosaur photos?!?!?!?!

Just to share a few...

Thoughts and ideas are welcome ;-)

Have a great night!

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