Sunday, September 11, 2011

Something from Nothing

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Hello Blogging Friends,
I must tell you I got in trouble from Jeanne the other day.  :(   My husbands cousin come over for dinner and I forgot to take a picture of my table setting. She lives out of state and it was the first time I was meeting her. So I set a small table for 3 with 11 mix match clear glass single pillar candle holders, and filled them with all my half burned candles and a few new ones. They were all different heights and colors. While staying in the green and pale yellow tones. I'm so sorry I forgot to take a picture of it for you. It was a beautiful setting and a great night we sat there until all the wine was gone and the candles had all burned out. She is a very nice Lady it was a great visit.

Now I have my husbands brother staying with us for 4 or 5 days from out of state. The two of them spend a lot of time sitting around the table drinking coffee and eating, so I put a new plastic cloth on my table.

So, on to today's post!
I had nothing in the house to match this new cloth.
I'm Calling this post something from nothing because I made this lighted center piece out of stuff I just had around the house. I am a garage sale fanatic every thing you'll see in this post was bought for $1.00 or less, with the exception of the Party Lite Light Illusion Pillar.
 I picked this plate up at a sale because it does go with my kitchen decor.
 I added this Light Illusion Pillar from Party Lite. I had just bought this to add to my Christmas Decorations. This pillar is battery operated with a timer option and has real wax on the outer side of it. Cool Pillar!!!
This is a base to a lamp that someone gave me at a garage sale because they found out I break glass and do mosaic work. I'm glad I hadn't got around to breaking it yet. :)
I went through my fall silk box and found these. I wanted to cover up the white center of this plate.
This are all pieces I picked up at places like Jo-Ann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby out of the clearance baskets.
I added a votive from my "I never through anything away stash"  #:>}
But it still needed something!
Jeanne suggested a green ribbon for separation and she was right!
Now I like it. :)
It was fun putting this together, I hope you enjoyed seeing it come together. Fall is on it way friends lets be creative.
Love Rosemary

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