Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tissue Box Make Over

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This time of year with all the school supplies in plenty, it is easy to find really good deals on facial tissue. (Great time to stock up) But the only problem with that is, they are designed to go into school age children's classrooms.
Well I don't know about the rest of you, but my house just doesn't sport this look well.
It's paper and glue time!
I grabbed some blue medium weight paper that I had left over from a different project, bought from Staples. A large stamp with Rose's on it, (my favorite) and a wine colored ink pad. I few more supplies like paper cutter, glue, pencil, and a left over piece of wine colored scrapbook paper.
I found that leaving this large stamp on the table, made it easier to apply the ink to it. Laying the paper on top and rubbing, worked the best to get this look.
I cut all these squares out and then just started laying them on the box. I used a little spray adhesive, just because it was fast and it allowed me time to move the paper around before it got to tacky. I ended up doing the 2 long sides first.
When it came to the corners I just snipped with the scissors and folded one side down then the other. When I had decided that I wanted a piece of paper there permanently I use a little glue stick on the corners.
After the sides were done I traced the 2 small ends to fit perfectly and glued them right over all the seams.
The top of the box was a lot easier then I thought it would be, just put 2 of my squares together and traced the protective tab on the top of the box and they cut out the slot for the tissues.
All that was left to do was just glue it all down.
I ended up with a couple of seams on the top of box so I cut two strips of scrapbook paper and glued them over the seams.
Much better...with just a few minutes and  some left over paper from a different project, I turned my bright colored child like box of tissue into a more soft mature style that fit my home better.
So don't put up with tissue boxes that don't match your home deco. just because the price is right. Just grab your scrapbooking supplies and put your left overs to use.
Hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend.

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