Monday, October 24, 2011

Diaper Baby

Pin It I truly do have fun with baby shower gifts. I need more friends and or cousins to have babies so I can make more. :) My Mom and I went to a baby shower for my cousin Nichole last weekend and we both took her a diaper gift. We had so much fun making the Diaper Tricycle with Christi for our friend Amy, as soon as we got Nichole's invite we knew we were making some sort of a diaper cake for her.

I am only going to share the Diaper Baby I made, and let my Mom share her Diaper Tub.

Isn't she cute:) !!!

This is what I started with:

1- sleeper type outfit 
1- hat
1- bib
1- pacifier
1- pair of socks
8- hair ties
2- bath towels
28- size 2 diapers
1- piece of cardboard for the base (not pictured)

I started with the legs, I realized I had nothing for feet so I filled them with a little stuffing.

Then I went on to roll diapers for the legs and feet.
2 diapers per leg and 2 per arm.
I used hair ties to secure the diapers.

Now onto the body

At this point I added what I thought would be a "Good" amount of diapers and ended up removing some later on.

As you can see I added a little more stuffing to the socks so it looks like hands.

Tucked a diaper in the sock as piece 1 of the arm and slide the other diaper in the sleeve behind it.

Now on to the head, I started with the hat and rolled diapers to the size of the hat.

Since our diapers had a print to them I had to come up with a white face so we turned a diaper inside out and wrapped it around the diaper roll to give it a clean look.

Now I did end up ruining this one diaper but that is because I had to cut a hole in it for the pacifier.

I used a cake support (12 inches long) to slide the head on the body, I know not everyone owns a cake support so another idea would be a paper towel roll. :)

See my baby is a little fat! I removed her head and pulled out a few diapers (the final diaper count is 28)

The last thing to do was give her a mouth for the pacifier and I did that just by cutting a slit in the diaper.

Now to lay her down to sleep! :)
I just tossed the 2 towels on the cardboard and placed her on them.

Everybody loved her and she was so cute! :)

Keep an eye out for my Mom's Diaper Tub coming this week!

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  1. Brilliant and original, love it x

  2. I am so making this next week! Love it!

  3. I love it! Thats really original and clever

  4. Remember should place the baby up hehe. Print off a pic of a baby in the family or ultrasound.

  5. This is amazing!! Wondering if a knee high stretched over the head would look cute? New subscriber and follower. May not be able to comment every post, but I will be looking and anticipating each new post.

  6. These diapers are wonderful! The best thing about Honest diapers as opposed to regular diapers is the elastic that goes all around the waist. Not only does this give a perfect fit no matter your baby's size but it really does help prevent messy leaks. The extra couple of dollars you spend on Honest diapers is more than worth it. I only wish they came in larger sizes!