Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Decorations

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Jeanne was at my house today helping me get ready for a few dinner guest tomorrow night, and said Mom why don't you take some pictures of your fall deco and post it on our blog.
I always seem to think I have to create something to be worthy of posting on the blog. But I guess she is right creating center pieces is also being creative.
So here are a few pics.
This is what I decided to do for a center piece for the bar. I will light these tomorrow night and place all the food on this bar.
This cute little bear pot Jeanne gave me as a gift sits at the front door.
I just stuck in some silk flowers.
This was very simple but turned out cute.
I love this one.

Oh, maybe it's this one I really love.

I bought all this plus more at a garage sale this past summer for only $10.00
You can see how I created this in our post called
Well that is a lot of pictures!
I will try my hardest to take some more tonight at the party and share those with you next time.
I sure hope that you will get some good ideas for your own fall decor from this post. I bought all this stuff at either garage sales, clearance racks or my old faithful 40% off coupons. 


  1. Everything is beautiful. My favorite one is the table centerpiece with all the pillar candles on the black candle holders. You truly have a gift for home decor. My house in decorated in early anything that my kids haven't broken yet. LOL

  2. Thsnk You Sherry, LOL...I totally understand!!! Thank goodness for children and thank goodness that they do grow up and stop breaking stuff too. I hope you are enjoying mine and my daughters blog.