Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Wreath

Pin It One thing you are going to learn about me this next week. I love to decorate but have never decorated for fall. We are not big Halloween people here, but love fall and the harvest decor. So why haven't I decorated for fall? Well good old $$$ I couldn't bring myself to spend big money on something that is out for about a month.
Well... this year that all changed! :) Today I am going to share the making of my first fall wreath!
And the best part is I only spent $4.47 on it!!

The wreath is perfect! I started with a grapevine wreath (50% at hobby lobby)
A bunch of silk flowers and a roll of ribbon.

Here is my main cost the flowers were purchased at JoAnn Fabrics 50% off for $2.98 and ribbon for $1.49

Now the Photo Tour!

My grape vine wreath is going to be used again in the spring, so I attached everything with wire or their own stem. No Glue

Oh don't forget a way to hang it.

I thought I was done so I hung it up.

I liked it but it was missing something. I thought a bow

(sorry about the reflection)

Still not quite there so off to dig through left over flower stuff...
Added a plastic pumpkin and some berry twiggy stuff! lol

Now it is perfect and I am totally happy with my fall wreath and the $4.47 cost! :)
Keep checking back I am going to blog my decorations inside and Girls Night Game Night style this week.
See you all soon,

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