Monday, December 19, 2011

Topsy Turvy Strawberry Planter all decked out for Christmas

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I thought this was a fabulous Strawberry Planter...Now I think it is a awesome little Christmas Tree.
This is my Topsy Turvy Strawberry Planter all decked out for Christmas.
This planter was my favorite thing in our yard this year, it continually bared fruit and we ate off it all summer long. So I definitely want it for next summer too.
I was hoping I could just move my strawberry planter in to the garage for the winter, but then I remembered that my garage is heated, the temperature never gets to freezing. I was concerned that my plants would just rot in there. I decided to do what the Strawberry farmers do around here in the winter. They bed there berry plants down for the winter by covering them up.
 I decided to pack snow in on top of the pots, I thought that way in the spring when it warms up the snow will melt and water my strawberry's for me.   :)
I laid a Christmas wreath ring on the ground around it, then placed 1/2 inch pvc pipe over a few of the spikes to create a tee pee effect. I went ahead and pushed all those spikes that were left standing straight up down with my boot.
I used a little duck tape to help me stabilize the pvc pipe. Now that I have the frame to my Christmas tree I can begin wrapping and stuffing with straw.
 I found some plastic netting in the barn, it was in a 18 inch roll, I thought I could use it to wrap around the pipes to keep the straw in place. I used a little duck tape to hold it in place to get me started.
I stuffed with straw and then rapped some more.
I continued with this process until the strawberry planter was totally covered.
 The duck tape helped me out a lot to keep things in place for me as I worked.
OK this is burlap that I had in the barn for wrapping trees, I know you probable think "not fair she has every thing in her barn" lol. But you can buy burlap & netting in your local nursery store or tractor supply store and also in  some hardware stores.
This tool belongs to my husband but I love it and use it all the time for all kinds of stuff. It is called a hog ring tier and was designed for building wire fences, but around here we use it for much more then that.
After all that, the wrapping of the lites and placing of the star was easy.
I am still totally loving my Topsy Turvy Strawberry Planter all decked out for Christmas. These lites will probable shine all winter long.   :)

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I hope you enjoyed this post and keep checking back as Jeanne & I begin to refurbish our used furniture finds this winter.
Wishing each and everyone of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
<3 Rosemary

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