Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cupcake Topiaries

Pin It I was hired to make some cupcake topiaries for a bridal shower this weekend and loved LOVED them so much I had to share.

I don't have a photo of them in the center of the tables since they were picked up and I didn't deliver. But we did one in each color for the center of the table.
The bride to be and her mother were telling me about the plans for the shower and to be honest I wish I was invited! :)

Each person at the shower was given a pair of gardening gloves with seeds tied to me. (To cute)
The seed packet said
While the Spring Time again arrives,
Plant these seeds and watch them thrive.
Just like _______ and _______'s love,
They are blessed by God above.

It is such a cute April bridal shower idea I must say!

Ok on to the topiaries.
Here are the supplies

Plus cupcakes and toothpicks

Now if you were using a shorter pot you should not need the green foam, this was support for the foam ball.

I put the green foam in the bottom and pushed a sucker stick half way through the white foam ball

Then I just pushed the stick and ball into the green foam to create a secure center.

Now the fun part! I needed at least 7 cupcakes per topiaries. So I started with the top, and using cupcakes (unfrosted so I didn't mess them up) I mocked a layout of where they will go. Once I figured that out I start putting in toothpicks.

The cupcakes that will be on their side gets 2 toothpicks with a slight upward angle, and the ones on top 1 toothpick.

I ended up getting 8 cupcakes per topiaries.

Then I added "grass", it was a paper filler.

I finished and prepped all three.

(one thing to keep in mind is you are going to want to move around the grass when you put on the cupcakes)

Now decorate your cupcakes, I did mine to match the gardening gloves.

Then simply slide the cupcakes on the toothpicks and move around your grass, and this is what you get!

What a great center piece! I am thinking our Mother's Day dinner table will have a cupcake topiary for a center piece! :)  I see clay pots, summer flower cupcakes and some green tissue paper around the foam ball.

Happy Spring! :)


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Friday, April 29, 2011

Lamp Shade

Pin It Updating a old lamp shade.

A few years ago at a Garage sale I found a pair of lamps and thought "Wow what great structure". So I bought them with the want to redo them, took them home and loved the way they looked "as is" in my living room.

Now 4 years later I have decided to do something different with them. Here is the crazy thing, the part about the lamp I wanted to redo right away was the color of the lamp it self. I loved the shade and the shape of it. So I decided to update the shade :) The color of the lamp itself is not going to change just yet!

I want to add some scroll work to it.
I started by finding the look I want (search the internet and printed it)
And gathered supplies

I used Folk Art paint to paint on the shade. My lamp is a blend of about 3 colors and some bronze tone, so I took 2 colors a brown and gold and mixed them to get the color I wanted.

Once I got the right color I moved on to prepping my design

Now to be honest my original idea did not work :(
I thought I would take this print out and tape it to the inside of the lamp shade and that be it.
WELL... my lamp shade is lined and it did not show through so, plan B

Tracing paper and black sharpie! :)

This worked alot better!  So back to cutting out the shade shape out of the tracing paper and tape it inside the lamp shade.

The picture did not take well but you could see it better than when it was on printed paper for sure!

I just grabbed my paint brush and painted over the design

Very easy, no need to guess and turned out great! But I wanted more! :) I grabbed my gold paint pen and added a few things.

I LOVE it now so on to do a few other panels...
The second one I decided to free hand, so out came the pencil

Then added the paint.

Then I had to add the gold pen did the 3 panel and Waa Laa Complete! :)

And it is beautiful!
Now one note, after your paint dries make sure you turn on the light and see if you need any touch ups!

It was a very easy and FREE update on a lamp shade, don't be afraid to try updating yours!

Here is my table before

(Don't mind Princess Goldie Locs she wouldn't move for more than 30 seconds from her favorite spot so I could take photos!)

The lamp shade is a great eye catcher when you walk in the door now! :) See the etched candle on the table? Find out how to do that here  these 2 simple projects have really changed the look and feel of the side table.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not Your Typical Flower Pots (3 of 3)

Pin It
The Copper Kettle...
This is my last post on the 3 different
Not Your Typical Flower Pots
I wanted to do a very easy and simple painting
on this kettle.
So often I hear "I can't paint like you"
I insure you that anyone can paint a pot like this,
I will be showing you how further down in this post.
But first, to refresh your memories, I was wanting to start some flower seeds in side something different then just plan old flower pots. I found these in my basement and 1 by 1  transformed them in to these. 
 If you would like to see how I took an old dirty burlap and grape vine planter that came from a funeral home, and turned it in to this romantic county summer flower planter you can click here.
If you would like to see the post on transforming a very old carpenters tool box in to one of the prettiest flower boxes I own now, you can clink here.

Now on to the copper kettle.
Some of my favorite colors are red, brown & teal.
That must be why I just love the patina of aged copper.
But the kettle still needs to be brighten up.
Keeping it simple I used only 3 colors of outdoor 
Patio Paint from DecoArt that I got on sale at
JoAnn Fabrics.
Simply took a brush and ran it along the groves that was already in the kettle. 
Now on to making a flower shape sponge from a product called Miracle Sponge.
This is compressed sponge, you can use a ink pin and draw your pattern right on it. Then just cut out your pattern and set it in a dish of water and it will fill right up.
I used the same thee colors again pored a little of each on the plate and dabbed the sponge up and down in it until the sponge is well covered.
Place the sponge on the pot, press down evenly and lift off carefully, just repeat went and where ever needed. Don't forget your rubber gloves for this project. 
  When I was finished with the sponge painting I noticed that some of my centers were no longer brown because I stamped over the stripes. To return the centers to brown I just took  little brown paint and a stiff brush and pounced in the centers.
Now that was the easiest paint job I've ever done
no talent needed.
All done Very Cute,
all that is left to do is plant some seeds but this is a big deep kettle. I need to fill the bottom with something light and just put potting soil in the top.
Embarrassing confession time, I throw nothing out.
These are old ice cream buckets and miracle whip jars,
upside down in the bottom and my problem is solved. :D
After filling it with potting soil I added purple and pink Canterbury Bells to the center and purple and white Alyssum around the sides.
I love this pot now!!!
I can already see the tall Canterbury's just loaded with purple,
pink and white flowers standing tall and strong in the center.
And the purple and white Alyssum making that patch work of color
all around the sides of the pot.
I know I said this is my last post on flower pots and I told Jeanne I wanted to post different things too. But today I was in the garden center and thought to my self I should  build a tipsy, turbie strawberry garden. I have every thing I need at home except for the strawberry plants. Fresh strawberry on the patio might be yummy this year. 
 Keep checking back to see whats next.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chinese Dinner

Pin It One of the favorite meals in our house is Chinese, yes I know Chinese dinner is not healthy AT ALL. So, I decided to health it up. I will admit, it is not a fat free, low sodium meal but much better for you than from the restaurant.

Tonight's dinner is
sweet N sour chicken,

 and fried rice.

These are both very easy to make and extremely delicious.

Sweet N Sour Chicken (My sons favorite and he calls it DELICIOUS!)

I am sorry but this is a recipe that I concocted and I don't measure so bare with me.


4 Chicken breasts
1 can water chestnuts
1 cup of chunked pineapple
   (canned in their natural juice)
2-3 Whole organic carrots
World Harbors Maui Mountain Sweet N Sour Sauce

Start with cutting your chicken into about 1 inch cubes and brown in pan

Drain in a glass about 90% of the juice off pineapple
Then pour the 10% of the juice and pineapple over chicken

You are keeping the juice in case the sauce is alittle sour for you, you can add more juice later if you would like it sweeter.

Peel and Cut Carrots and add them to the chicken and pineapple

You will notice I said organic carrots, if you had not tried organic carrots yet GO do so! They have great flavor and are clean of pesticides.

Let Cook for about 3 minutes
Add Sweet N Sour sauce  about 6 oz. (sorry I eye ball it to our liking)

Stir and cook down for 3-5 more minutes then Waa La

Fried Rice


3 cups of uncooked brown rice
3 organic green onions
2 eggs
Sun Bird Fried Rice seasoning mix
kikkoman low sodium soy sauce
Olive oil

Now when it comes to the rice I semi follow the directions on the packet. I cook 3 cups of uncooked rice according to the box. And refrigerate 3 + hours (I have made the rice without refrigerating it and the only difference is the rice is not as crispy)

Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in pan and add 3 green onions sliced

Stirring constantly cook for about a minute
Add rice and mix together

Push to one side of the pan
Scramble the 2 eggs and cook in pan

As the eggs are cooking chop it up as if you were scrambling them

Once the egg is cooked mix it all together

Pour season pack over the rice

Add about 2 tablespoon of soy sauce

Stir up and enjoy!

This fried rice (after the prepping of the rice itself) only takes about 2 minutes and is way worth the time!

Hope you all enjoy our Chinese as much as we do!