Thursday, June 30, 2011

Games, Games and More Games

Pin It Well we are coming to the end of the Medieval Party Posts but I get to share the games and costumes with you :)

When you think Medieval first thing that comes to mind is jousting! Yeap we did it!
Next is sword duels! Yeap we did those too!
We even slayed a dragon! :)

Zechariah had in his mind exactly what he wanted and how he wanted it to look, but we had to bust his bubble on a few things.

First thing we wanted to do was split the kids up in teams. I did this as they showed up and I kept in mind that I needed the same number on the red team and purple team, along with having girls on both teams etc.

We wanted to give the kids something to wear that said what team they were on and we did that with felt sashes.

These sashes were very easy to make, we bought a couple yards of felt on the fabric roll in each color. Decided how wide we wanted them, then cut off a triangle at the bottom and sewed them together. That was it, I believed we made 50 of them in under 2 hours. Also as the kids walked in we gave them face guards (cardboard party hat type ones) all I have to say was waist of money. :( they broke or ripped with in minutes.

First Game we played was a dress up game, I am not sure if it has a name or not.
You start with one pair of dice, a costume, and a present wrapped many times.
With everyone in a circle you start rolling the dice in a plastic drinking cup. If you do not roll doubles just pass it along to the next person. 
If you get doubles you run into the center and start putting on the clothing.
When fully dressed you get to start opening the present.
BUT when the next person gets doubles its their turn and you have to undress and let them go.
And the next person does the same thing, until someone opens the present and win the game.
Here are a few photos of our time

The gift was a jar with a few dollars of change in it.

Next up was sword duels
We went and bought 2 Nerf swords and 2 shields at the Halloween store for this game.
We handed out noise making blow horns for the kids to cheer on their team mate.
Gave them a time of 2 minutes or 3 hits whatever comes first.
They had a blast and here are a few photos to prove it! :)

You see in the photos the two kids that were sword dueling at the time wore parts to a knights costume. We purchased 2 of the head protectors and with the same felt we used for the sashes we made chest and back dressings. All we did was cut a head whole in the fabric and sewed on ties on the sides (which never got used). We also bought 2 iron-ons, a cross and a dragon to put on the front of them.

After the sword duel we sent them on a hay ride.

We had made a schedule of what we were going to do and what time we were going to do it. We had alittle over 50 people there and wanted some sort of control! lol  Actually Zechariah wanted his hay ride to be at twilight and this was the main reason for the time schedule since we knew what time the sun was going to start setting.

He got his twilight, this was their view on the hayride! :)

While they were on the hayride a few mom's and us got the food ready and as they came back we had them eat.

Then back outside for what we called castle wall wars. We had a huge box of those balls from ball pins and put up some mini walls that we built out of foam blocks that were left over from building the house. The kids split up into their teams and went at it.

After the Castle Wall War we went on to Jousting. Now we weren't going to give a bunch of 13 year old kids real lance's or even real horses. Zechariah came up with some ideas of riding lawnmowers, or something like that. Again we had to say no.
We found a couple of super soft pony's at Tractor Supply Store (to use as horses) and made the lance's from swimming noodles, duck tape and bamboo sticks. We slide the bamboo up in the noodle to keep them straight and put on a handle, then covered the whole thing in duck tape.
Again we used the red and purple chest dressings from sword dueling.


I have to say the games and costumes were a HUGE success and no one got hurt! :)

Tomorrow you will get the last post on our Medieval Party and it will be the slaying and burning of the dragon.

Have a great night!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Medieval Times Party Food

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Lets talk Medieval Times Food!!!
One of the first things I ask Zechariah when we started talking about a Medieval Times Party is: What do you want to eat? His response was Mutton. What the heck is Mutton?
He proceeded to tell me all about the way people ate back then. Like NO silverware!!! NO vegetables!!! Just lots of Mutton (still don't know what the heck Mutton is yet) and big loaves of bread and lots of grapes and apples. He said that he wanted every one to have a Leg of Mutton (which I eventually found out was Lamb) LOL... HE'S NOT GETTING LAMB!!! a whole loaf of bread and a big bowl of grapes. HA HA HA....But, we Finally did come up with a happy medium on this one.
Jeanne & I found out that they didn't just have a meal, they celebrated with a feast. So we decided to give him that. Zech was right they did eat a lot of Lamb and small fowl (birds) and a lot of bread, grapes and apples. They also would eat cheese and a soup made out of harvest vegetables.
We decided to decorate the serving counter up with lots of large harvest vegetables, fruits and breads. We wanted the whole meal to look like a Huge Feast. We did go to Party City and bought gold plates and napkins, NO SILVERWARE just as he requested.
I decided to serve chicken and turkey legs (my kind of Mutton) I have a small pizza place a few miles from my home called Stevarino's. Tony and his wife make the best broasted chicken ever. I asked Tony if he would roast me some turkey legs along with my chicken order, he smoked them and they tasted amazing. I also had him make me a pan of potato wedges too (delicious also). And if you look close enough you can see that I snuck in some fresh veggies and dip.
The 3 boys in this picture are 13, 14 & 15 years old. There birth dates are Nov. 4th, Nov. 5th, & Nov, 6th. All 3 are friends, kind of wild isn't it?

Hope you enjoyed this post tonight, everyone had a great time at the party with this menu, and I had a great time tonight telling you all about it.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Medieval Party Part 3

Pin It Good Beautiful Sunday Everyone!
Well tonight I am going to share more on the birthday party. Can you guess what part I am going to share tonight? Yeap that's right, THE CAKE! :) I am also going to share with you the Dragon Breath Punch.

First lets talk cake! :) One of my favorite things to talk about. :)

The cake was AWESOME! I know this is going to sound weird coming from a cake lady but, it was totally easy to do.  I had to keep it easy since there was so much more work to do for the party.

I started with these....

Zechariah's Birthday gift! :) Lego's!

Then I made a 3 tier square cake and iced it in grey butter cream. Then I used a stone impression to give it the texture. Followed by some air brushing in 3 different colors.

And I got this look.

The castle walls are up. I colored pipping gel blue and spread it on the board for the water effect and

The rest is Lego's

Everyone LOVED it and I have to admit it was pretty AWESOME!

Now Punch!

We found these really really COOL cups on line at  and ordered enough for everyone to have one. We used them as part of the take home goodies since they were plastic.

When we were setting up for the party we stacked them in the kitchen as decoration.

NOW the GOOD stuff!! Dragon's Breath Punch

Canadian Dry (or your favorite ginger ale)
Purple Grape Juice
Cranberry Juice

Make ice cubes with the grape and cranberry juice.
Keep the pop warm.
As you serve the punch pour the pop in the glass (warm) and in front of the kids drop in one ice cube.
Watch the magic! :) Ok truth here, it doesn't do a whole lot of stuff but the color (purple or red depending on the flavor they picked) just slowly swirl around in the glass and the pop fizzes. :)
I know sounds lame and my Mom kept calling it lame BUT the kids LOVED IT!

Also keep in mind our colors for the party were royal purple and red. So the juice we used was for color reasons not so much the taste. So pick your punch how you want it, color, taste, whatever works for you.

We had made a couple hundred juice cubes so there was left overs and I have to say they were good in water, tea, whatever you wanted to add a little flavor too.

Well I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.
Oh and yesterday was my cousins bridal shower so keep checking back to see the great gifts we made her! :)


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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Medieval Times Party Decorations

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Hello Everyone,
Today I get to show you all the great decorations that we had for Zechariah's 13th Birthday Party. 

He wanted us to stay as true to the Medieval Times Decor as we could. Jeanne and I didn't know much about Medieval Times, but with the help of Internet search engines and Zechariah we figured it out. :) But, the challenge was to change my Log Home in to a Medieval Times Castle.
We went to and found that they had plastic drop cloth that looked like stone wall, so then we decided what walls we wanted to be stone in my home. We measured up all the walls we wanted to cover and then ordered just enough  plastic along with a few extra paper decorations and hung them all over inside and out side of my house.  They were very easy to hang with what ever we wanted to use, tape, pins, or staples.
The walls came with all these great extras that we used to help change the look of my log home in to a Medieval Times Castle.
We covered all the walls even the windows in both of the bathrooms with this plastic stone wall to make them very dark like a dungeon. 
Taped these great looking windows right over top of the stone wall and then we added a few chains too.
The chains we bought at half price the day after Halloween at a costume store. Some of the girls wouldn't go to the bathroom by them selves. ;o) They said it was to scary!
We also hung stone wall over the garage doors to give that Castle feel to the garage.
This is were we sent the 30-13 teen year old's to eat!!!
We were in the process of building closets in my garage but the doors weren't done yet. So I went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought costume fabric on sale for $1.50 a yard and hung it over the bright white openings. (This fabric will make me a big beautiful Christmas tree skirt this winter.)
We ordered this sign from they put Zechariah's name on it for us and it only cost $11.98. Those swords are from
 I used more of this fabric all through the house over doors and in arch ways.
This arch way I also used some of the plastic deco as well as the fabric.
We used plenty of the stone wall inside the house....
and out side the house.
We hope you enjoyed these pictures and get inspired to try a themed party yourself. But keep checking back because there is still a lot more to come from this party. When we post food and drinks you will be able to see how we decorated the kitchen for serving food. When we post the games you will see more of how we decorated the Oak Grove for game time. And of course there is still the cake and pinata yet to come. Hope we get to see you then.