Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cleaning up a leather jacket

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My Rapidly growing grandson wanted a leather jacket, so I keep watch all summer in garage sales and resale shops. I found this one at a garage sale for $20.00.
But I think they had it stored in a damp basement or something. It looked really dry and had some white spots.
I used black shoe polish to cover the scratches and white spots.
The zipper was also tarnished white. I cleaned it up with a toothbrush and CLR.
Mink Oil is amazing!!! In this picture you can see the difference in the shine, I only have the oil on the waist band,
The Mink Oil made this dull, dry leather jacket come to life. With a beautiful rich, shinny finish.
Now I just got to get it over to my grandson, he is ready to start wearing it.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cakes, Cakes, and More Cakes!

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Well I haven't shared any of my edible art lately, so I thought tonight would be the perfect time! :)

Here are just a few of my favorite ones! :)

This peacock is totally edible!! He took HOURS and HOURS of cutting, painting and creating. But I would say totally worth it!

Ok and the last one for tonight

Hope you enjoyed a brief look into my days! :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Deal Shopping day

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Today yesterday (lol I am a day behind posting this) was a great shopping day. I went to
a local Church's Huge annual garage sale. I got all this for only $45.00

$25.50 of that was just for this nativity scene.
They wanted $50.00 for it but I walked away saying no way. This set is large but old and in need of rewiring and painting. It is also missing it's donkey and camel. I offered $15.00 and the man managing this area said no way they wanted $100.00 in the beginning and he walked away.

Later on in the shopping trip I went back to look at it again. The man said he could sell it for $35.00. I said I could not pay that either because the plastic was old and brittle. I walked away again. Then a few minutes later I went back offered him $25.00 and he said I'll take $25.50.  LOL He was just having fun bargaining with me. Because then he offered to drive it to my home 5 Miles away for free. (lol old men these days)  But anyway I have wanted one of these sets for awhile now so I'm glad I got it. 
The same funny man sold me this solid brass chandelier that is in perfect shape with good wiring for only .50 cents. He called it an old tarnished piece of junk. I didn't argue with him but didn't think it was junk it at all. (one man's junk is definitely another women's treasure) LOL
He also sold me this plaque for .50 cents he just thought it had no value. But I could see it was brand new and that I could create something cool with it.
I got lots of puzzles, games, books, DVDs and
all this great fabric and much more.
5 of these great little trees and a string of lites all for $4.00.
Truly just a great shopping day. I got a lot projects ahead of me now.
Keep checking back to see what I do with it all.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm in LOVE! With my new dresser! :)

Pin It Ok Ok Ok I admit it, I said those same words when it came to my coffee table and I am sure you will hear me say them again. But, I do love my new dresser.

I have been looking for a new dresser for my room for almost a year now. I didn't think I was asking for much, something solid wood, not to expensive, no mold, you know basic stuff. Well it is more challenging then not, since most people want $100.00 or more for a dresser.

Until that one special day, I went on craigslist to check out what was new (like I do every day) and there is was. An ad for a solid dresser, been stored in the garage for over a year but no mold, and the best part $25.00! Yeap, it was mine. I bought it pretty much off a photo on craigslist.

I have to forewarn you, it was not pretty...

But I saw potential! I already had colors in mind so it was time to get busy.

First, I removed all the hardware and sprayed them a brush silver.

Keep in mind 2 light coats of spray paint always turns out nicer then one heavy one.

Then on to sanding...

See the nice bones :) I did not sand off all the color since I was going to paint it, just all the shine and cleaned up any scratches.

Now primer, paint & wax

I did take a trip to Lowe's and buy all new (I have more than one project I want in these colors so wanted to make sure I had enough). A sponge roller gives you a more even coat and no lines to contend with on your furniture. I did use one more thing not in this photo and that is polyurethane (I will explain that later).


2 thin coats of Brown Velvet (love this color)

I could have stopped right here and just put the handles back on, it is so pretty.
But, I had other ideas! :)

I started with paper and pencil

I drew out the dresser then with a colored pencil I drew where I wanted my flowers.
I used Blue Sail for the color and LOVED it!

I think it turned out perfect!
Now to top coat it.
Here is where the polyurethane comes into play. I desided to use it on the top of the dresser since there is a chance a glass might get sat on it and I wanted the extra protection.

I did only use this on the top and the sides of the top.
For the rest of the dresser I used Paste Finishing Wax & Cheese cloth

My Mom will be VERY proud when she reads this post and sees I wore gloves while using the wax! :)
This was my first time using wax, I love the final look and feel of it but WOW own a buffer! (Will share that story later!)

All that was left was to put the knobs back and admire the beauty!!

I just LOVE how it turned out and looks perfect in my bedroom. I can not wait to start using it!

So, I want to take this time and share a funny story with you. My Mom and I scheduled some time to go shopping a few weeks back and yesterday was the day! We were both so excited we were going to Birch Run Primer Outlet and going to shop til we drop. We both grab a piece of silverware from our collection (since we are missing pieces and wanted to add more) and a few dishes to buy a new dish set.  We get to the mall, do all the kitchen stores and realized the Oneida store was no longer there and we were not getting new silverware. Let me remind you this is the #2 reason for going! :) #1 was some going old fashion quality time together SHOPPING! So, we moved on and shopped other stores, tool and hardware stores to be more specific! We each bought,a  jig saw, Orbital Buffers (to use with furniture wax since my arms hurt for 2 days after buffing the wax on my dresser by hand!), I bought a new mini sander, and she bought a new drill. Yeap, 2 girls leave to buy dishes and silverware and come home with gads of tools! LOL And I think I am more excited about the tools then I would have ever been about the silverware! :) Does this mean I have been bit? Bit by the furniture bug?!?!?! I would have to say, I think so! :)

Well have a great night and watch out the bedroom redo this dresser is going into!
Jeanne :)

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Something from Nothing

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Hello Blogging Friends,
I must tell you I got in trouble from Jeanne the other day.  :(   My husbands cousin come over for dinner and I forgot to take a picture of my table setting. She lives out of state and it was the first time I was meeting her. So I set a small table for 3 with 11 mix match clear glass single pillar candle holders, and filled them with all my half burned candles and a few new ones. They were all different heights and colors. While staying in the green and pale yellow tones. I'm so sorry I forgot to take a picture of it for you. It was a beautiful setting and a great night we sat there until all the wine was gone and the candles had all burned out. She is a very nice Lady it was a great visit.

Now I have my husbands brother staying with us for 4 or 5 days from out of state. The two of them spend a lot of time sitting around the table drinking coffee and eating, so I put a new plastic cloth on my table.

So, on to today's post!
I had nothing in the house to match this new cloth.
I'm Calling this post something from nothing because I made this lighted center piece out of stuff I just had around the house. I am a garage sale fanatic every thing you'll see in this post was bought for $1.00 or less, with the exception of the Party Lite Light Illusion Pillar.
 I picked this plate up at a sale because it does go with my kitchen decor.
 I added this Light Illusion Pillar from Party Lite. I had just bought this to add to my Christmas Decorations. This pillar is battery operated with a timer option and has real wax on the outer side of it. Cool Pillar!!!
This is a base to a lamp that someone gave me at a garage sale because they found out I break glass and do mosaic work. I'm glad I hadn't got around to breaking it yet. :)
I went through my fall silk box and found these. I wanted to cover up the white center of this plate.
This are all pieces I picked up at places like Jo-Ann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby out of the clearance baskets.
I added a votive from my "I never through anything away stash"  #:>}
But it still needed something!
Jeanne suggested a green ribbon for separation and she was right!
Now I like it. :)
It was fun putting this together, I hope you enjoyed seeing it come together. Fall is on it way friends lets be creative.
Love Rosemary

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Framing the "Fam"

Pin It At my cousin's wedding last month we got a couple really really good pictures of my family.
I totally fell in love with them and ordered them in 5x7's with no clue on what to do with them but I knew I would think of something.

Photo of Zechariah and I

My Mom & Step Dad

And a Family Photo

Great Photos... Right! :)

I knew I wanted to decoupage them somehow and LOVE what everyone is doing with scrabble letters. Then this morning I woke up and knew exactly what I was going to do. :)

A while back I bought a box full of frames off craigslist, it was like 23 frames (used) for $6.00. I snatched them up!

I picked my frame for today from that pile, it is the same color as the scrabble pieces, needed no work, but had no back.

The frame is perfect so I laid out my photos to make sure I still liked the look.

Yeap, still love it.
Now the letters, I did steal these from our personal Scrabble game.  :) We actually purchased the scrabble game from a garage sale for $.10 and never used it. So, now I found a use for it! :) lol

Since Zechariah & Jeanne connect with an E I wanted to use that, then Family for the family one, and Love for my parents.

Now onto the background. Since there is no back to this frame I decided to use the glass as my backing. I knew I wasn't going to put glass on this since the scrabble pieces will be lifted.

I started by picking colors of scrapbook paper.

Then I did a few ripping of pieces and layed it out.

Then with a little Mod Podge I glued it all down.

I covered the whole thing again with Mod Podge to seal it down and give it some glue for the photos.

Then covered the photos with some more Mod Podge to seal them down.

A note about Mod Podge, it goes on cloudy but will dry clear so the look you are seeing in the photo is still wet.

Now to add the scrabble pieces

After I glued them down I realized I messed up :( Yeap I did a boo boo. But, hey I am not that OCD so I went with it.

Do you see the boo boo?!?! The spacing is different on Jeanne & Zechariah then Family & Love.
 :( oopse....

So after it is dry you can see it is clear and beautiful, but since I am hanging this photo up with no glass I wanted to give it a coat of clear gloss (keep the dust off it and to make it easier to clean).

Now all that is left is to frame it and hang it! And I did just that.

I think it is perfect and a great start to photos up the stair case! :)

Have a great night blogger friends!

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