Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another piece for my bedroom.

Pin It I am so excited to share today's blog with you, since it means I am just one step closer to revealing the bedroom redo! :)
Step one was a dresser
If you don't remember or would like to go revisit my Dresser redo you can here.
Step two is my new vanity and mirror :)

This summer I came across this desk/vanity at a garage sale and the price was $24.00 I could not pass it up.

It was in great shape the paint was scratched and a few nicks but I had plans to repaint it anyways.

That same day I came across this mirror and purchased it for $20.00

I loved the floral design in it.

Next is the chair my Mom picked it up for me at a garage sale for $5.00

I wanted it to match my dresser so I used the same beautiful brown and blue paint.
The steps I took were the same as the dresser so if you would like a step by step please visit here.
Step 1 Sanding it down
Step 2 Primer
Step 3 Two light coats of paint

And this is what I had after step 3

I spray painted my hardware to match the drawer pulls on the dresser.

Now my next step is a little different I wanted to tone down the color a little so I added a little brown paint to polyurethane and antiqued the whole vanity and mirror.

I think it really made the piece pop and gave it a little more warmth to the look.

I love my vanity and mirror just as much as my dresser <3 all the way!! :)

See how well it matches my dresser!?!?!

In the next few days I will be posting some more of my bedroom redo so check back!
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day to Give Thanks

Pin It I can not believe how fast Thanksgiving has come around this year, I swear it was just August yesterday. So, who's had snow? We had a few flurries today but nothing stuck (Praise God)!

Well before we get all gun ho on Christmas and snow we need to give Thanks. :)
Tonight we are going to set a table. I love a nice table! Zechariah (as of 5 days ago my 14 year old) even likes a nice set table, he requests them! Yes, my future daughter in-law you are welcome! lol

This table was beautiful, inexpensive and functional.

We started with a warm colored table cloth (I love this one because it reminds me of a flannel shirt and who doesn't love a flannel shirt in the fall), matching table runner and napkins.

The wreath in the middle is actually a floral vine. I just rolled it to be the perfect size around the plate.

The candle sticks were supper easy, they were foam pumpkins that I used a knife to core and spray painted gold. Finished with a matching candle stick.

I added some real cranberries and mini pumpkin confetti to the table and the wreath for color.

Napkin rings were made from two different pieces of scrapbook paper, a gnad and flower paper accents.

A beautiful matching silk flower for the center and it is complete.

The name tag is just card stock and a simple ribbon.

You will notice there is cranberries and orange in the drink, that is to pull together the cranberries on the table (along with garnish) :).

Now Bring On The Food!!!!

 If you look at the dishes, they match but are not matchie matchie. The pattern colors do flow together but not all the same pattern. A little variety in the table is a good thing, but you don't want it to look gaudy.

Hope I inspired you tonight to put some thought and attention when setting your table this Thanksgiving.
Have a great night,
Jeanne Tip Junkie handmade projects