Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bridal Shows

Pin It January...
  January is always a crazy busy month for me and my Mom. I take at least 3 college classes and participate in at least 2 bridal shows, while she works shows with me and participates in a few of her own for her industry. Oh and I can not forget it is Basketball season and my big 8th grader is JV Co- Captain on the team this year! :)
   The best part for me is bridal shows they are always tons of fun, I love meeting all the Brides while feeding them cake, even seeing some of the past brides come through as bridesmaids and maid of honors. Today's post is a getting back into the swing of things post and will be short, so please enjoy some photos of cake and bridal shows! :)

These are my "Show Girls!" I could not do these shows without these great ladies cutting cake, serving cake, greeting brides, answering questions, and just being plain gorgeous!!

Ok I just want to close out this post with one more photo!! :) My Handsome Basketball Player!!

Hope you enjoyed our post and I will be back again soon!