Monday, July 23, 2012


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I noticed our posts on saving money in the household cleaners has been getting a lot of attention, I find this total awesome since it excites me how much I have been saving in the cleaners department. 

A few weeks ago I made my cleaning supplies (for about 2 months) and I thought I would share quickly with you about that. 

I spent about 40 minutes and I made
64 loads of laundry soap
64 loads of dish washer soap
Bottle of daily shower cleaner
Bottle of Febreeze 
Bottle of Clorox cleanup 

This was all free to me since I already owned the product to make it but if you want to break it down by cost I used $1.98 worth of my products. Now here is the best part at the store I could have easily spent around $50.00, if I went to the store and purchased everything to make all these products homemade I would have spent about $12.00 with leftover product for next time. Now I am big on my time is worth money and if I have to spend 3 hours to save $5.00 it is not worth my time. Well I spent less than 40 minutes in my kitchen with my son helping, I can't drive to Walmart and home in that time!

If you are wondering about my recipes you can find 

Homemade laundry soap and fabric softener  HERE

Cleaners HERE

This week I am going to try a  few new cleaners with Castile soap, has anyone used this before? Any tips or recipes you want to share?

Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fit for a queen, well at least my two princess's!

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Meet Our Princess's 
                    Princess Goldie Locks       &        Mocha Latte

           My baby girls are the very spoiled Goldie, she is an almost 6 years old mutt. The equally spoiled Mocha who is an almost 3 year old toy pom-chi. When we first got Mocha we purchased both dogs a new bed but this is how it would end up. :)

Mocha truly believes she is the bigger dog and the leader of them and Goldie is so passive she would let her even kick her out of her own bed. It came to a point where they began to share one bed or Mocha would cry during the night.

This was when I decided they deserved a bed fit for princess's. :)
I found an old coffee table at a resale shop for $5.00

The drawer was not broken when I bought it, I had gotten a little to excited about tearing it apart and forgot to take a photo of it first. 

I removed the tracking that was screwed to the table and used liquid nails to glue the front of the drawer back on. 

Now I have been reading on blogs about this great new primer that no sanding is needed. So I purchased some, I thought this project was a great one to try it out on. 
And here it is....

I applied one coat of primer to the whole table.
(WITHOUT sanding off the previous paint!)

I have to say, WOW beautiful primer. It went on nice and dries really fast. By the time I primed the whole table the side I had started on was already dry and ready for paint. 
And that is exactly what I did next paint  :)
I used paint I already had and leftovers from other projects.

Even though you are not going to see the inside of the table I did apply the primer and paint to it since I want to be able to clean this bed easily and use the vacuum to suck all the dog hair out of it or wipe it down with a damp rag if needed. 
I then painted each table leg with cute colors and added a few pieces of ribbon to give it a finished look.
I was going for a classy girl look with a touch of whimsical. 

My next step was their bed, keeping in mind I want to be able to clean this bed easily. I purchase a couple yards of fleece material and took it to my sewing machine and gave it corners then just tucked it around pillows. 

Super easy project that my girls LOVE and I have to say, if I have to have a dog bed or two in my house I don't mind this one! :)

Oh yeah and I spend less then $10.00 on it!

Aren't they cute?!?!?!?!  :)