About Us

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Welcome to Building It On Pennies.
                First we would like to take a minute and share who we are with you. Yes, I said we. My name is Jeanne and I am the daughter of Rosemary. We are going to be sharing with you as a Mother Daughter team. The reason for the Mother Daughter blog is because we do almost all of our projects together. The best part is, as you get to know us you will find we are nothing alike. J I am modern, she is country. I am chic, she is eclectic. I decorate with ocean themes, she decorates rustic. I prefer clean modern furniture, she collects antiques. I like trendy, she likes classics. I am single, she is married.  I bake, she cooks. I own a cake business, she owns a tree nursery.  I draw on cake, she paints on canvas. I have a 2.2lb dog, she has a 145lb dog. I have a 13 year old son, she has a 33 year old daughter.  I like to scrapbook, she is the cardboard queen. I like to make all natural lip balm, she makes all natural soaps… Ok wait a minute, maybe we are not as different as I thought.  LoL Stick around and see how much we are truly different! (or Not)